Isreal Genocide Against Civilians in Gaza

Since the Israeli military started the attack on Gaza strip on October 7th, 2023, They have killed over 3,000 Palestinians and Injured at least 12,000 civiians, bombing every corner in the strip of Gaza, Hostpitals, Schools, Medical Centers, Istitutions, Homes, literally everything. Most of these casualities are women and children. It's reported that Isreali has killed over 1,030 children in cold-blood.

The Israeli military is also cutting food, water and electrictity since October 7th,2023.

It is also estimated that there are 1,000+ bodies are under the rubble of destroyed homes in Gaza.

On the other hand the west is blindly supporting Isreal and their terrorist actions against the palestinian people with the execuse of Self-Defense.

Every single person on this planet needs to be exposed to the truth, Israel is commiting war crimes and west is turning a blind eye on this fact.

We Stand With Palestine