Show Soldiartity with Palestine on Your Website

During Russian war against Ukraine, all communities world wide condemned the actions taken by the russian federation against the Ukrainian people and tried to show the world how inhumane the situation is and it's Ukraine full right to defend its people. The software community have flooded the internet with banners and flags supporting Ukraine. But when it comes to an oppressed nation like Palestine and it's people in the strip of Gaza to whome which are seiged for 17 years and being bombed since then, they turn a complete blind eye against what is happening on ground.

This is an initiative to promote solidarity with the Palestinian people in the face of ongoing oppression and violence. As a global community, we believe in the importance of raising awareness and advocating for justice, equality, and peace in the region. We have launched a Stand With Palestine website banner that you can hook to any webiste online.

The process of adding the banner should be as simple as copying the below script into your main site

usually placed in index.html page

<!-- Support for Palestine widget -->
<div id="palestine"></div>

<script src=""></script>
<!-- end widget tag -->

After adding the script, the banner should be visible on the bottom right corner of your site.